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Book Review: Colm Tóibín’s ‘The Testament of Mary’

If this wasn’t on the reading list for one of my modules, I never would have read it. I know that isn’t a good start. I’m not at all interested in religion. If religion gets any reaction out of me, it’s a mild, fuzzy annoyance at the way it blinkers people and serves to undo […]

Deeds Not Words: Scene 3 Part 2

8th June, 1913. Kew, London Clara is still clutching the carpet. They have no idea what to do with it. Kitty slings it over her shoulder, and they run hand in hand towards the nearby towpath. There’s a ditch and a copse of trees lining the furthest edge of the cricket pitch. They hurl it […]

Deeds not Words Scene 3 Part 1

8th June, 1913. Hurst Park Racecourse, Molesley, London Emily has breathed her last in hospital. Kitty is attempting to scale the perimeter fence of the Hurst Park Racecourse with the aid of a piece of carpet.  “Hurry!” Clara hisses. Kitty is perched on top of a tool shed on the edge of the cricket pitch. […]

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