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Book Review: May Sinclair’s ‘The Tree of Heaven’

A testament to its era, Sinclair’s 1917 modernist classic has recently been re-printed by the British Library. I can understand why Sinclair has been called ‘the readable modernist’. Think Victoria Woolf but instead of taking three pages to describe one action, Sinclair only takes one. I appreciate Woolf for what she did for literature and […]

Book Review: Christy Lefteri’s The Beekeeper of Aleppo

A careful, considered, tragic page-turner which captures the refugee crisis by going beyond the headlines. In 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron once referred to a ‘swarm’ of migrants in Calais, desperate to cross the channel by any means necessary. This caused a media shit-storm in the UK for its dehumanising of desperate human beings. I […]

Book Review: Rebecca Stott’s ‘Ghostwalk’

A creepy, lyrical slow-burner that blends several genres: historical fiction and supernatural thriller. Synopsis A woman, Elizabeth Vogelsang, is found dead by her son Cameron Brown. She’s floating face-down in the river next to her Cambridge home, The Studio, clutching a glass prism. It’s ruled an accident, but the truth is far more complicated than […]

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