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Limerick #3

There once was a man from Kilkenny who swallowed a very big penny Oh, the coin, it was large and as wide as a barge it was a pity he couldn’t spend any.

Doorways and Gateways #2

What came first: the gate or the door? To stand and to wait at a door or a gate is the perfect expression of humanity’s progression: closing and enclosing things fencing things and rowing things or even to take offence at what is without or within this gate or that door.

Doorways and Gateways

A silent ceiling of green, the canopy curves over the head of the hunched figure hurrying below. Feet rustle over leaves with careful tread as darkness gathers at the edges and creeps inwards. He licks his lips, a nervous twitching at the corner of his eye as he turns his head from side to side…

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