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Have you ever read a text and felt the consciousness swelling pressing from the other side like a knock on a door?

Straight Line

To sit and wait, or to breathe in the day, head bowed – follow the white line painted there a humming, a thrumming, a click.

Book Review: Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’

We’ve all seen the film. But have we all read the book? This is both an exceptional book and an exceptionally strange book. I know I’m late to the party again, but I don’t read in any logical way. Most of my reading material is loaned to me by friends or picked out of charity […]

Haiku #3

With rain pouring down I sip and wait for the wheels of bureaucracy

Book Review: Emma Donoghue’s ‘Room’

I have to be honest with you all. I watched this film a few years ago, and only got the book this year. It was a wonderful film; beautifully touching, funny and sad in equal measure. And the book is even better. Jack and his mother live in Room. There’s Bed, and Stove and Bath […]

Book Review: Helene Bukowski’s ‘Milk Teeth’

“You can’t expect the world to be exactly the same as it is in books.” Skalde and her mother Edith live cut off from the world by fog and a collapsed bridge. Civilization has also collapsed, and they live on the edge of a small loosely-knit group in the so-called ‘territory’. Edith arrived as an […]

Moving Day

It’s moving day, and of course the good laptop was on the blink yesterday, so we couldn’t print out the 532 bits of paper you need to travel anywhere in the Covid Era- so someone else had to pick up the slack and print it all out at work and the laptop’s at the shop […]

Most Memorable Books of July

Recently, I haven’t had the time to do full book reviews like I used to because I’ve been in a dissertation hole. But now the first draft is done (touch wood) and I’m letting it mature on my laptop like a fine wine before opening it again. So I’m vegetating on a Friday morning in […]


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