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Freedom Day

Freedom Day! Sweat at the club against all the other unvaccinated or semi-vaccinated youths, but don’t go to France unless you have ten days to spare afterwards, because the Beta variant that makes up three percent of cases will get you (including those islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean that we’d never even […]

The New Normal

Don’t make plans- you can’t make plans too much is uncertain but you should learn to live with the new normal. Masks aren’t law anymore but you should definitely maybe think about wearing them in all places, most places, or even some places. Let’s not cower from this he says smugly- the man with the […]


Take a step back, a long, sticky summer on hold, not much of a summer at all, like a hot day when it’s cloudy and 90% humidity you feel cheated. It’s the kind of sticky that clings to your skin after a shower back to square one hit the reset button like waiting for rain […]

A Short Story Told in Fragments

This week I’ve been attending the BCLT Summer School (British College of Literary Translators). I’m privileged enough to have gotten a scholarship through doing the Literary Translation course at UEA. Non-stop talks and workshops on creative translation Monday to Saturday! And somehow I’m still managing to teach and work on my dissertation in between. And […]

Microfiction: Metamorphosis II

I watched it happening from afar. There was no other way around it, no way to stay close to her. She would cook in the sun, unabashed, unhurried, turning the bright pink of a ripe lobster. Her thin blue veins turned green and bulged from her skin like the ropes of a ship, and she […]

Microfiction: Metamorphosis

Somehow things just started getting slower. I found myself spending more time in the garden, stretching my arms out towards the sun. Instead of drinking, I found it much more refreshing to soak my feet in cold water, especially on those hot summer days when the heat seems to echo all around you. I inhaled […]

Asymptote Issue: Summer 2021

The Summer 2021 issue of Asymptote has just dropped! (here) There’s new free-to-read world literature in translation, with a focus on an ‘Age of Division’ for this edition. It’s the first edition of Asymptote that I’ve personally been a part of making, so I’m really excited. The Educator’s Guide we’ve been working on over the […]


Grey skies, a mist of rain as I rework my words- open new tabs close them again, like re-rolling biscuit dough when it splits in the middle.


In transit Shuddering, shaking Balancing my laptop on one knee In transit at a crossroads as the summer refuses to warm up and my words stilt themselves on the screen What chance do I have? Half-Romani no family money Brexit, COVID torn from the continent stuck between two worlds in this green and pleasant land.


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