Winter 2022 Educator’s Guide out now!

I’ve awoken from my long dearth of creative writing with an update: the new (free) Asymptote Journal Educator’s Guide has been released this week. You can download it here. I thoroughly enjoyed contributing to, editing and proofreading the guide this quarter, as every quarter. It always gives me fresh insights into what’s been occupying my colleagues across the world.

I may have been inspired by my work on characterisations with my year 11 class to write my first lesson designed for non-native speakers of English based on Jorge de Sena’s short story ‘A Tribute to the Green Parrot’.

I currently am PCR-positive and on my 5th day of isolation at home. Beautiful, sun-drenched late winter/early spring weather outside, and it’s like the sun is mocking me. I struggled through wind and horizontal rain on my commute to school on Tuesday morning, tested positive Tuesday afternoon, and it’s been sunny ever since. Two more days to go. As the Germans say, I am pressing my thumbs.