The Disappeared

What if,

there were an entire world for

all the little things we lose in life.

A parallel universe,

so to speak.


all the bobby pins, hairbands, lighters, odd socks, lipsticks and biros,

slipping through the looking glass

onto a mountain of rubble

in a distant corner of the Universe.

But look closer and see

all you’ve lost

existing in space and time.

A testament to the consumer age

languishing in the dust.

Think of that next time

you rummage in your sock drawer

desperately looking for the accomplice

you know has disappeared,

or searching through your bag:

you know there’s a hairband in there,

there always is,

or should be.

But you must sweat today,

the hair clinging to the nape of your neck.

After all,

life is too short to match socks

to find hairbands

or to finish a lipstick

or a lighter

or a pen.

By annaputsover

Translator and English tutor

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