Oh, Frozen Peas!

I’m having a lot of fun riffing of the tomato puree idea this week, delving into childhood memories to exult everyday food items.

Oh, frozen peas!

I think of you now,

crisp green gems languishing

in frigid depths.

Be careful now,

jiggle tentatively,

the stiff drawer creaks and sighs,

If my band has come loose,

or my twist not quite

twisted enough, then

lift cautiously,

or I may gush

my numbing life blood

over the kitchen floor

or in the drawer

forever more-

we’d rather forget.

The sharp, tinkling pour,

bullets hit the bottom

of the enamelled mug,

clink, clink, clink.

A jewelled sea floor

a pebbled layer

misting in the humid air

of the kitchen.

You hand mug and contents

to the eager child

lurking by the door,

conferring this treat.

She sits in front of the TV

enjoying her prize:

frozen peas.

By annaputsover

Translator and English tutor

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