Oh, Tomato Purée!

The following text is an intralingual translation inspired by the poem, Oh, Tomato Purée from Claire-Louise Bennett’s anthology, Pond.

Oh, Tomato purée!

When I peer over the rim of the simmering pot,

I get the nod. It is time.

Revealing the cool chasm of the fridge,

I reach for you amongst the garlic and wasabi,

release you from your inner sanctum,

around one tablespoon at a time. 

Dissolute, you disappear into the sauce on the stove

seething blisters of red.

And now to conclude the ritual,

to savour the prize.

I roll the tube up a notch,

for me, this time. Thick, burgundy ooze,

an explosion of taste with fiery red petals.

A season of Sicilian sunsets,

stirring on my tongue.

By annaputsover

Translator and English tutor

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